Specializing in the detailed tasks that small business owners don’t have time to do!

I work hard behind the scenes and on the front end to help your business thrive!


About Me

Jack of all trades – Jenny Early

I was  born in Humboldt County California and raised in the heart of Southern Humboldt.  Growing up I was an active athlete with a competitive edge, participating in a variety of youth sports.  Volleyball & basketball were among my top favorites.  Aside from the countless hours spent in the gym or on a field, I also developed another interest.  What started out as free writing for an English class soon turned into poetry writing and then onto short stories.  I developed a passion for descriptive writing and spent a lot of spare time in my room at night, with a pen in hand.  I had a natural eye for detail and my creative style with the use of descriptive words made for the perfect combination.    Read More...

Jenny Early