I was  born in Humboldt County California and raised in the heart of Southern Humboldt.  Growing up I was an active athlete with a competitive edge, participating in a variety of youth sports.  Volleyball & basketball were among my top favorites.  Aside from the countless hours spent in the gym or on a field, I also developed another interest.  What started out as free writing for an English class soon turned into poetry writing and then onto short stories.  I developed a passion for descriptive writing and spent a lot of spare time in my room at night, with a pen in hand.  I had a natural eye for detail and my creative style with the use of descriptive words made for the perfect combination.

After receiving my high school
diploma, I continued my education and graduated from college in 2002.  From there I entered the workforce and
haven’t stopped since.  I’ve been blessed
to have had the opportunity to work in many different fields having gained
experience in retail, hotel & lodging, pharmaceutical, office &
administration, the tourism industry, marketing &
advertising, catering and the wedding industry just to name a few.

I am a very driven, motivated and goal
oriented individual that works hard to be successful in everything  I put my time into.  I take pride in my work ethic, my integrity
and my character.  I believe in being the
hardest worker in the room and that “your work is your autograph 

My love for sports is still very much alive as
I continue to play competitively.  In
2007 I developed yet another passion, stumbling upon my first coaching
experience.   Here I am several years
later, still passionate in coaching sports as well as training driven and
competitive athletes.

I am blessed to be a mother of one
son,  a coach to many, a woman with experience, a Virtual Assistant with a growing
client list, a descriptive writer and am proud to be apart of an event
coordinating team in Humboldt County that is making waves in the wedding

The journey
to get here hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been worth it!