Career Development

Growing up I entered into the workforce at a young age gaining experience in many different fields.  Whether it was  in the hospitality industry working with food & lodging,  with pharmaceuticals or public schools,  or successfully operating my own business for years, my work ethic has always been the same, a strong one.

The past couple of years I have been working for a local non-profit organization that acts as a Chamber of Commerce, visitor information center and valuable resource to the community it services.  Being an Executive Director requires wearing many hats and to be able to multi-task.  Some days I find myself playing the role of secretary taking on the daily office tasks, while also playing the role of a tourist guide.  Other times I am a resource center for the community, a writer, event coordinator and supervisor.   It wasn’t until I landed this job though, where I began the journey into marketing and advertising and developed a passion for promoting.

Much of my job consists of a cross between PR work, promoting for local businesses and also showcasing the area attracting tourists and travelers alike. Shortly after being hired, I quickly discovered that one of my favorite things about my job has been the ability to promote the beauty of the area that I work in.   Whether it be giving a local brick & mortar business some one on one attention by publishing an article written by me or capturing the beauty of our area  through social media marketing,  I love finding the beauty in all things.

Promoting for businesses or an area not only comes natural for me, but my attention to detail, descriptive & creative writing style sets me apart from the rest!  In 2019 I started blog writing for a dear friend of mine and her photography business.  Knowing that I am such a detail oriented  person, she mentioned to me one day that she thought I should consider becoming a Virtual Assistant.  I asked her what that was and she described the job description as someone that helps with a variety of tasks that a successful business owner doesn’t have time to do.   The tasks could be anything from writing blogs, social media marketing, exchanging emails to uploading pictures on Pinterest etc.  I was looking for more side work to make some extra income and this seemed right up my alley!

I decided to give being a Virtual Assistant a shot, and that is where my story begun.  From one client and one blog, to now offering a variety of services for a variety of clients! I am enjoying being a VA for a variety of different businesses in different industries.  It is entertaining, fun and is teaching me to expand my range and think outside the box.

Looking back at all the employment opportunities I’ve had and the experience I’ve gained from them all, it really has been one amazing journey of knowledge. I can honestly say I feel like I am one well rounded, open to anything, hardworking individual.  Sort of a jack of all trades, but a master at nothing maybe? Maybe lol.  Definitely career development at it’s finest!

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