Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, filled with unforgettable memories and timeless moments.  It’s the day you will always look back on, forever remembering each and every intimate detail.  

At the center of any marriage ceremony are the wedding vows.  These are the words spoken by the couple to one another, expressing intent, commitment and…promise.  They are a promise to work hard at living out this intent, no matter how challenging that may be, because of their love and commitment to one another.  

Personal wedding vows are a pledge of life, soul and faith in the other person that defines a life commitment like no other.  Because the commitment is so distinct for those who honor it as it’s meant to be honored, the standard vows may not always be quite enough to express the unique feeling an individual has for their chosen love.  

Personal wedding vows place a very unique stamp on a ceremony and allows a couple to personalize that very special day when they commit their lives to one another.

Re-writing a long-standing tradition and making it meaningful can be a bit of a heavy task.   This is where the right Virtual Assistant comes along.  If you know in your heart the things you want to say or how you feel but aren’t sure how to express it, having a VA that is experienced in the wedding industry such as myself, can help you put your thoughts down on paper. 

Always having been a hopeless romantic, I was that girl growing up that loved movies and stories filled with romance.   Writing has always been a passion of mine and as I reached high school, I spent a lot of time with a pen and paper in my hand.  What started out as free writing for my English class, turned into poetry writing and then short stories, similar to romance novels.  My natural eye for detail and creative style using descriptive words, made for the perfect combo when it came to my unique writing style.  Creating unique wedding vows is worth the effort to make an unforgettable memory.  Don’t let yourself get stuck or stressed out about this part, you have so many other details to think about when it comes to planning and pulling off an amazing wedding ceremony!   Leave the intimate and descriptive details up to me, and let me help create your wedding vows that are sure to leave an imprint that will last a lifetime!